DKNY Pipe Repair

Commercial Vertical Stack Repair New York

Contractor:The Trenchless Team

Job Location: New York, NY

Type: 10’ Cast Iron Vertical Pipe Lining


Technology: Vertical Stack Pipe Lining

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The Trenchless Team received a call from DKNY headquarters in New York City, they had problem with a faulty stack pipe and were experiencing ongoing problems. The problems with the faulty pipe would always arise when it rain and it would be worse when it rained hard. There was some flooding and backup problems that needed to be addressed. The responding technician went to the building property and inspected the faulty stack pipe with a camera and determined the line to be broken do to debris in the line. The problem with most of these repairs is the damage can cause significant damage to not only the pipe but the underground drains as well. Should this happen or be the case, then the repair is much more drastic and costly. It is important to do these types of repairs without busting up the concrete floor drains. What can be a one day job in most cases can turn into a week long endeavor with no guarantees.

Commercial Vertical Stack Pipe Lining

The Trenchless Team technician found the problem at approximately the fifth floor and they had to replace some cast iron stack pipe on the second floor as well. So before the liner could be shot or installed the cast iron pipe needed to be replaced in some areas. It is important to have some consistantsy in the pipe before setting up to do a vertical pipe lining repair. Debris removal was a long process, as some of these heavy use, vertical drains require a good cleaning or hydro jet scrubbing. The goal is to get all the debris and buildup out of the line and down onto the street level. Once completed and the debris removed the vertical stack was problem free. The cameras needed to be inserted and the drain pipe inspected again. It is very important that the line be totally clear of any junk, debris or build up inside the pipe. The New York customer was relieved to have the problem 100% fixed in less than day. It goes without saying that this customer has several properties all throughout the Northeast and The Trenchless Team is first in line to handle of the vertical and horizontal pipe lining needs. As its always said, why dig if you don’t have too? Call the The Trenchless Team today and get your free, no hassle estimate today, also ask about free consultation too! If you don’t want to dig up your property and need to fix your broken pipes the consider the trenchless way. Call The Trenchless Team today.