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Phillip Reece has been offering sewer, drain and gas line repair and replacement services for 13 years to the entire Mississippi and New Orleans regions. He began offering trenchless technology 8 years ago and has become one of the very few companies is his area that has the qualifications, training, and experience in the new technology. Whether it’s a small residential project or a large and complex commercial job, he has vast experience that only 8 years in the trenchless industry can bring.

”Plumbers in our area never took the time to learn and invest in the new trenchless equipment and methods that are now becoming the standard in sewer and drain repair and replacement methods. It is a fantastic non-invasive method that gives you a brand new line in half the time of traditional methods with a lot less expense in most cases. The best part is there is no digging required so if your old sewer line runs under trees, walkways, driveways or whatever, we don’t need to disturb any of it.” says Phillip.

Reece Plumbing and Gas offers sewer and drain services to residential, commercial, and municipal customers alike including sewer video inspections, hydro or water jet drain cleaning services and trenchless sewer pipe lining.”We can even use our trenchless no dig technology to repair just a portion of the sewer pipe saving our customers a lot of money if that’s all that is required. A quick video inspection of the pipe with our state of the art sewer cameras can quickly determine that”.

Reece Plumbing is currently running 3 trucks and crews dedicated to sewer and drain services but is planning on expanding his operations as the demand for trenchless technology is growing rapidly. “The future is now, we have seen the steady transition from traditional sewer and drain infrastructure repair methods to the trenchless methods that is now becoming the standard, i’m glad we got started in it early and have a jump on our competitors that are now scrambling to get the equipment, proper training and experience.