School Trenchless Sewer Repair Franklin, IL

Contractor: SLB Pipe Solutions

Job Location: Franklin, IL

Type: 200’ Cast Iron Sewer Residential


Technology: Sewer Pipe Lining

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SLB Pipe Solutions had a school in, Franklin, Il call as they kept getting complaints of sewer gas smell throughout certain parts of the campus. Over time the smell was getting worse and they wanted to see if they could repair it with a trenchless sewer repair solution. The sewer pipe in question ran the length of one of the buildings approx, 200 feet long. The line itself was about 5-6 feet deep and when the contractor arrived they could actually smell the sewer gas too! Meeting with school officials and several of the school administrators it was clear everyone needed to see what was going on underground with the sewer pipe system.

Sewer Gas Smell Repair

When the contractor ran the sewer video camera into the pipe and began to inspect it he could see a crack that ran almost the entire length of the pipe and determined that’s where the smell was originating from. Having a crack running along the entire length of the pipe is never a good thing, as a matter of fact it could only get worse if left untreated. A worst case scenario would be a sewer pipe collapse. If you experience a total sewer pipe collapse then the cost of repair will sky rocket and it may not even be a candidate for a trenchless sewer pipe repair. The school’s administration were very happy to finally know for sure where the smell was coming from, however digging the pipe up was going to cause some serious problems on the campus. They were looking for a permanent solution, a solution that would not require another repair or fix a couple of years down the road.

Commercial Cast Iron Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair

Once the contractor lined the entire run of 200 feet he had to go back and use the robotic cutter and reinstate the line in 6 different areas where the other pipes would tie-in to the old line. Having the ability to go back and cut out the sewer pipe line so the other pipes that tied into it could work properly really is a game changer. Prior to being able to cut out the lines you would be required to dig up each pipe tie in and manually cut it out by hand, this was a very long job. With today’s robotic cutters what was once a very timely job can now be done in under an hour’s time. The entire job from start to finish only took one day, and the administration officials could not believe SLB Pipe Solutions solved their ongoing sewer gas problem in one day, without digging!