Los Angeles Sewer Pipe Sleeve

Los Angeles Trenchless Sewer Pipe Sleeve

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Can trenchless pipe repair help our drought by saving precious water?

Here in Los Angeles county California we are a unique bunch of people. We come from all over the world to live in one of the best climates to be found anywhere. Los Angeles, is made up of many great cities and neighborhoods. As I sit here and write this article, I live in Silver Lake. Silver Lake is just one of the cities in Los Angeles, Ca which has 88 incorporated cities and over 10 million residents, making it the most populated county in the US. Moreover, there are more than 3 million homes in the county as well. We are one of the most diverse groups of people on the entire planet, and yet no matter how different we are we all share a common bond. The Need To Use and Conserve Water.

Sewer Pipe Sleeve Saves Money

Over the last couple years, Los Angeles has been faced with a severe drought, much so to the fact that recently Gov. Brown has declared a state of emergency. We hear about water rationing and water saving tips. Like, install water efficient systems for your home sprinkler systems. Don’t get us wrong any and all ideas are great for conserving water. But, what about Trenchless sewer pipe sleeves for the residential and commercial industries? Did you know Los Angeles county has over 3 million homes, not to mention all the apartment and condo buildings? Faulty and leaking sewer and water mains are wasting water precious water at unprecedented rates. We all witnessed the water main break at UCLA where DWP literally wasted over 20 - 40 million gallons of precious water that is lost forever. Everyone here in LA was very upset with the glaring waste of water during our drought. However why no uproar with all the other pipes that are leaking? Well, probably because we don’t see the faulty pipes that are leaking underground. Los Angeles is earthquake country and in 2014 alone we have had several shakers here in LA. Everytime the ground shakes it can potentially break more underground residential sewer pipes, or exacerbate the problem.

Leak Prevention with Sewer Pipe Sleeve

Trenchless pipe lining is not only a great solution to help stop water from leaking out of sewer pipes but it is also a long term, permanent solution. Fortunately, this technology is gaining in popularity and is becoming the norm when residents inquire about sewer pipe repair. Unfortunately people and municipalities are waiting until there is a problem before upgrading with the trenchless sewer, by that time countless gallons of water will be wasted. With the trenchless epoxy liners, or sleeves, it is inserted into the bad pipe where it is allowed to cure in place or dry so that it hardens. Once the trenchless sleeve has hardened in place, you are left with a long piece of seamless pipe that will not leak or loose water. Even in small to moderate earthquakes one could expect the pipe to hold their forms better than traditional underground pipes. The problems usually start with the joints, this is the place where two pipe are joined together, however, here in Los Angeles, with the trenchless sleeve there are no joints or seams. This inside of the pipe is virtually like a slip-n-slide. Our hope is that the right people, city officials and departments will learn more about the cost saving and water conserving benefits of the trenchless sewer pipe sleeve.