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Matt Polcyn opened up the doors to his trenchless company in 2007 and has been offering top quality trenchless services to the Dayton, Ohio area ever since. He began offering trenchless sewer repair technology around 12 years ago and has become the area’s top expert in this exciting new technology.”New sewer, no digging, its as simple as that. We can come to your home or business and run a new sewer or drain line in just a day without disturbing your property.” says Steve.

”Nobody likes to have a sewer or drain problem occur and it is almost always an unexpected and stressful experience for the homeowner. We are always delighted to show them the new trenchless methods of repairing sewer lines and let them know there is no need to bring in the excavators. Many times the homeowner has lush landscaping, walkways or old trees and they are always elated to learn we don't have to disturb the property to put in a new sewer line.”

The Trenchless Guys have a fleet of trucks and crews to insure you receive prompt service when you have a sewer or drain issue and of course estimates are always free. They provide a full range of sewer and drain services including sewer video inspections, hydro jetting, trenchless sewer pipe lining, and even directional drilling services for residential and commercial properties in the greater Dayton Ohio areas.

”Trenchless sewer line replacement isn’t always an option, in some case if the pipe has a severe belly in it or is completely destroyed then excavation might be required, however this is rare and a quick video inspection with our state of the art pipe cameras can determine that” says Matt. Matt services all of Dayton and surrounding cities so if you are having a sewer or drain issue give him a call and will be happy to share with you the new trenchless technology and how it works.