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Sewer Pipe Lining Phoenix AZ

If you are experiencing frequent backups with your sewer line in the Phoenix area, chances are your sewer pipe is cracked, deteriorated, or infested with roots. In the past, this meant you would need to have the sewer line excavated and replaced. Well now there is a new technology offered by Twin Plumbing of AZ called sewer pipe lining that only requires a small area of excavation to restore your Phoenix sewer pipe to brand new condition.

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Phoenix AZ Sewer Pipe Lining Process

The process starts by first examining the interior of the existing sewer pipe with sewer camera inspection to reveal what is causing the backup. The good news is nearly every scenario for cracks, separations or root infestation can be fixed with the new Phoenix sewer pipe lining method. The method is also referred to as trenchless sewer repair because no digging or “trench” is required. The interior of the sewer pipe is scoured clean with a process called hydro jetting. If there are major root issues a circular cutting head is fed through shearing all the roots away and creating a clean path for the new sewer pipe liner to be installed.

A Flexible Epoxy Saturated Liner Is Fed Through

Once the existing sewer pipe line is cleared and cleaned, a new seamless liner is saturated with epoxy and blown into the existing phoenix sewer pipe with a special machine. Once the liner is in place a rubber bladder is then fed through and expanded with air pressure to force the wet liner against the interior of your existing phoenix sewer pipe.

When the liner cures, usually in just a few hours, the bladder is removed leaving a brand new seamless pipe within a pipe that is now virtually impenetrable by roots and backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY. The entire process is completed in just one day so when you get home from work it will appear like no one was ever there. No backhoes, no cutting down trees no reseeding your lawn or patching your driveway required because all the work is completed underground

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