Residential Trenchless Sewer Repair Jackson, NJ

Contractor: The Trenchless Team

Job Location: Jackson, NJ

Type: 20’ Cast Iron Drain Pipe Lining


Technology: Sewer Pipe Lining

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Residential Trenchless Sewer Repair Jackson, NJ

The Trenchless Team received a call received a call from a person in Jackson, NJ, they were at their wits end due to a problematic sewer backup situation. According to the customer they wanted a permanent solution so they would never have to deal with one more sewer back up into their home. This customer had a wonderful home full of young children, so we need a trenchless sewer repair solution.

Residential Cast Iron Pipe lining New Jersey

The Trenchless Team meet with the homeowner an after hearing the story agreed to inspect the line. It was determined the line was in cast iron and was in not good condition, the technician estimated that the line was a good candidate for trenchless sewer pipe lining. The technicians ran the sewer video cameras down the cast iron sewer line. It was apparent to all, the failing state of the line was in. It was well on its way of collpasing and should that happen, well you just doubled the investment into repairing the sewer pipe line. Most likely, it would required to be dug up depending on the extent of the collapse. Most people who decide to put off this type of trenchless sewer pipe repair tend to get a shocking wake up call should the line fully collapse. What would normally be a one day repair can turn into a 3 -4 day repair, not to mention having to replace the excavated areas. So as you can see the benefits of a proper consultation or sewer pipe camera inspection are well worth it.

Residential Pipeline Replacement

Onced the work was completed the technician was told the customer had a traditional dig and replace quote of $12,000 and that the customers basement would be the area of excavation. In this scenario The Trenchless Team did the whole repair for only $3,500 and offered a lifetime warranty on the liner! Saving the customer over $8,500 on this particular job. The customer told the good new to the neighbors across the street who were preparing to have a full excavation of their cast iron sewer. The great thing is, once we completed the job we had enough material on the trucks to walk across the street and do the neighbors sewer too. Talk about keeping up with the Jones’s. It just goes to show, The Trenchless Team is committed to solving all your sewer line concerns and not just to get the job done but to get the job done right the first time. Feel free to call The Trenchless Team today and learn about the pricing options.