Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer Camera Video Inspection


  • Early Prevention of Pipe Deterioration
  • Visibly Investigate Blockage or Sewer Line Problems
  • Identify Hairline Cracks in Pipe
  • Fast, Easy and Cost Effective Diagnosis

  • Gone are the days of guessing what the heck is wrong with your sewer line. Before sewer camera video inspection you literally had to guess what was living inside your sewer line. Ok, well maybe something was not actually living in your line, however it may have seemed like it if you had to deal with continual back ups into your home. Contractors or plumbers simply would recommend digging up and replace your old sewer pipe since they could not get an accurate diagnosis that we have with today’s sewer cameras. And, we both understand how costly a repair of that magnitude would be on your bank account!

    Sewer Video Inspection

    So, along came the advent of the trenchless sewer camera inspection. One of the great things about our service is our clients get a copy of the inspection so they can see for themselves the current state of the line. We can now easily recommend if you need to have your sewer relined and completely rehabilitated or you just need a really thorough hydro jet cleaning. With the popularity of camera inspections customers can now make an informed decision without any of the costly guess work. Yay, for sear camera video inspections, they keep contractors and plumbers REAL HONEST.

    Closed Circuit Television Camera

    Another name used for this type of work is commonly referred to as, closed circuit television cameras (CCTV). Today’s technology is so good that you can actually see a ‘hairline’ fracture in the pipe interior wall. The benefits of early diagnosis or discoverly can save you thousands and thousands of dollars, and don’t we all want to save money in today’s economy? With the many different types of camera video manufactures to the many different types of cameras available today we can inspect and video document just about any type of pipe. It can be a sewer pipe or a water pipe it really does not matter all we need is access and then we can start to document the condition of any pipe.

    Camera Pipe Line Inspection

    Over the years since we have been using video cameras to inspect sewers we have had many interesting discoveries. It is truly amazing what people try to flush down the toilets, we have seen everything from cellphones to an actual baseball glove. With cellphone, once it was retrieved the customer actually tried to use it, we were like, uhhh…that’s never going to work again. We have just shared with you a couple of residential sewer line inspection stories, would you like to hear what we have found in some commercial pipes? How about a car tire?, of course the diameter of the pipe was much larger, but come on a tire? Also, one time we inspected a larger diameter pipe and discovered sacks of concrete. Do you know what happens when you add water to sacks of concrete? Yes, they literally turned into sacks of boulders. This is not typical however, the repair was extensive in this scenario which we had to ‘dig up’ the blockage and replace the entire line, 450 feet later the new pipe was draining properly again.

    Camera Inspection Drain Lines

    The moral of these stories is no matter what you manage to get stuck in your sewer pipes or no matter the condition of your pipe system, we are here to help you out in your time of need. We have never met a job to big or too small for us or our equipment. We recommend having your sewer lines camera video inspected and documented at least once a year. That way you can follow the condition of your pipe and make the necessary early diagnosis before its too late. Unfortunately replacing an entire sewer can be very costly, with our proven video inspection services we can potentially save you thousands of dollars. All of our work is fully guaranteed and we also offer home warranty plans that will fit comfortably into your budget. Happy Pipes, Happy Life!