Sewer Pipe Lining

Is Sewer Pipe Lining Good?

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Is Sewer Pipe Lining Good? - Well that depends on your circumstances. The conditions need to be right for sewer pipe lining to be a good option for sewer or drain pipe restoration. If the conditions are good then sewer pipe lining is an excellent trenchless (no excavation required) way to restore your pipe back to brand new condition.

What Conditions are Required For Sewer Pipe Lining?

In order for pipe lining to be a viable option to restore your sewer or drain pipe, there are a few conditions that must first be met with the existing sewer line because the liner will follow the same exact path.

  • No Major Sags or Bellies In The Existing Pipe
  • No Major Collapses in The Existing Line

  • That is pretty much it, if these 2 conditions are met then sewer pipe lining is a good option for you to restore your sewer or drain line.

    5 Reasons Why Sewer Pipe Lining is Good

    1) No Digging - The sewer pipe lining restoration process is trenchless (requires no digging), so if you have a nicely manicured lawn or trees and landscaping, or even driveways, walkways or a porch laying in the path of the existing line, they will not need to be disturbed.

    2) No Seams - The liner is flexible and comes off of a roll so it can be custom sized to your existing sewer line whether it is 20 feet or 200 feet the liner will be a continuous run with NO SEAMS. This is good due to the fact that leaking seams in sewer pipes are a leading cause of failure because roots are drawn to the leak and infiltrate the sewer line causing cracking and blockages.

    3) The Warranty - Another good thing about sewer pipe lining is the standard warranty against failure is 50 years, (sometimes a lifetime warranty is provided depending on the contractor) meaning you can rest easy knowing your new liner is guaranteed against failure for a very long time.

    4) Works on All Materials - Sewer pipe lining will work on any material existing sewer including but not limited to, cast iron, clay, orangeburgh, concrete, and many others. The liner is saturated with liquid epoxy resin before installation and when it cures in just a few hours, it is extremely hard and tough making the line much stronger than it was before.

    5) Quick Installation Time - The entire process of installing a new liner on average will only take 6-8 hours. So you can leave for work in the morning and when you get home your new sewer line will be in place and your yard will appear as if no one was even there. Remember there is No Excavation Required.

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