Pipe Lining vs Pipe Bursting

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Ok so its time to restore your sewer pipe (bummer) it's not the funnest thing in the world to have to deal with for many obvious reasons, nevertheless the good news is there is new technology today that makes it faster, easier, and there is no need for excavation any longer. The 2 top methods used today are “Pipe Lining” and “Pipe Bursting”. Below we will discuss Pipe Lining vs Pipe Bursting and explain the differences between these 2 popular trenchless methods.

Pipe Lining vs Pipe Bursting - How Do They Differ?

Both of these methods are referred to as “trenchless” because very little, or in some cases no excavation is required. With pipe lining, a flexible liner is saturated with epoxy resin and installed into the interior of the existing sewer pipe. When the lining cures it is essentially a “new pipe within a pipe”.

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Pipe Bursting

With Pipe Bursting, the entire pipe is replaced with a new high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE). It works by pulling a tool called a bursting head through the existing pipe breaking it up or “bursting” it into little pieces while pulling the new pipe in tow. This is done via a heavy cable and a hydraulic pulling machine that pulls with 30 tons of force with and intermittent pneumatic hammering action to assist the bursting head in breaking the old pipe apart and out of the way.

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Both Pipe Lining vs Pipe Bursting Are Very Common Today

These types of trenchless sewer repair and replacement methods are very common today because they are fast, economical and are not invasive. It used to be that the only way to repair or replace a sewer line was to excavate it and that meant tearing out driveways, porches, additions, landscapes or whatever might lay in the path of the existing sewer pipe. With Pipe Lining vs Pipe Bursting this is no longer the case.

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