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Jason Clark’s company has been providing quality plumbing services to the Wichita Kansas area for 64 years. In 2001, his plumbing company became the 3rd Ben Franklin Plumbing franchise in the country. He just recently invested in the new trenchless sewer repair technology and has been offering it for the past 4 years. “We were the first company in Kansas to be approved to offer trenchless sewer lining technology. It is going to be the future of sewer and drain line rehabilitation methods. It is fast, efficient, and far superior to the old dig and replace methods. A new or rehabilitated sewer line in a fraction of the time without having to dig, how do you beat that?” says Jason.

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”In the past four years we have rehabilitated hundreds of sewer and drain lines with the new lining technology. Putting in a new sewer or drain line in just a day without having to disturb a customer’s property is very rewarding. I am still just as amazed as our customers are at how fantastic this new technology is” says Jason. “We have had situations where the sewer line ran under extremely expensive flooring or walkways that would have had to been demolitioned and replaced, now we can just run a new line right underneath them.”

”It might be that your sewer line just has a few cracks or weak spots and in that case sometimes you can just a patch it with the new trenchless technology” says Jason. A sewer camera video inspection can determine that quickly. The tiny fiber optic camera is fed through the existing pipe recording in high definition detail the condition of the pipe, while also recording depth, slope, and exact distance, all without having to dig up anything.

If your are experiencing problems with your sewer or drain lines there is no better company to call than Ben Franklin Plumbing. With their cutting edge equipment and highly experienced crews they can expertly assess your situation and explain all the options available to have it resolved quickly, affordably and efficiently.