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Jeremy Schultz and The Blue Works Company are Florida’s leading authority when it comes to all aspects of trenchless sewer pipeline rehabilitation, whether its your local residential job or large condo community job our resume and experience speaks for itself. We service the entire state of Florida and have several local offices to serve you better. Per Jeremy Schultz, “we actually invested in all the best equipment to be able to offer our customers top quality, guaranteed work and the best prices”.

Recent Jobs Histories For This Contractor

Sovent Systems Cleaning
Location:Towers of Channelside
Tampa Florida
Type: Sovent Systems Cleaning
Technology: Sovent System
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Pompano Trenchless Sewer Repair
Location:Pompano, FL
Type: 44 Feet Pipe Lining
Cost:$4,500.00 - $5,250.00
Technology: Sewer Pipe Lining
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Lakeland Trenchless Sewer Pipe Relining
Location:Lakeland, FL
Type: 78 Feet Pipe Lining
Cost:$7,500.00 - $8,350.00
Technology: Sewer Pipe Lining
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Blue Works Company divisions service, residential, commercial, industrial and municipalities as well. No matter the trenchless pipe repair job we can rehabilitate it back to a better than new condition in most cases. When asked about what is your niche, Mr. Schultz replied, “High Rises, right now we are executing an 18 story high rise in Naples, Florida. We’ve lined buildings as high as 35 stories. We are fully bonded for all of our work too, which is a big plus for Blue Works”.

Jeremy tells us the reason he got into trenchless pipe rehabilitation, “As a young boy I would do waterproofing and concrete work, we used to dig up drain tile and I was blown away by repairing piping systems below ground and not have to dig them up”. When asked, what the biggest challenge he faced breaking into the sewer lining business, “A lot of disinformation, because it’s a new technology there are not a lot of contractors out there available to provide the service”.

The best thing about this industry is it saves customers time and money and that is what we are about at Blue Works Company, we are a service first company”. Blue Works enjoys working on small and large jobs and they have seen just about every type of pipe situation possible. If you are looking for an honest assessment on your residential or commercial pipe system then call us today and let us share our testimonials. Our body of work and commitment to our customers stand hand and shoulders above anyone else.