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Alan Fletcher started his full service plumbing company back in 1991 and was the first company in Georgia to introduce trenchless sewer and drain services in 1995. He has vast experience with the new technology and is often called upon as a consultant by those seeking guidance and training on the new trenchless technology.

His vast experience and expertise has led to him being one of the only handful of companies in North America with clearance and credentials to perform trenchless and plumbing services inside Nuclear Facilities throughout the United States - a very difficult credential to obtain due to the rigorous requirements and background checks that must be met in order to be considered for such access.

“There really isn't any type of trenchless project or application that I have not seen or worked on. I am often called upon by engineers to assist and consult on difficult and complex sewer infrastructure designs and repairs, I really enjoy sharing my knowledge of the new technology and where it can and cannot work.”

Whether you are a home owner or an engine Alan is happy to assess your sewer or drainage problem and steer you in the right direction. From basic sewer cleaning and sewer camera inspections to complex situations he will educate you on the best and most economical way to deal with your issue.