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Water Works Plumbing is Oklahoma’s number one choice for trenchless sewer pipe repair. Water Works has been servicing OKC fro over 21 years and was first established in 1992. About seven ago was the first ever job by John and his team to tackle a pipe burst, and since then they have been offering no dig solutions for their customers.

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Oklahoma City Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Type: No Dig Pipe Bursting Sewer Repair.
Cost: $45 to $95 Per Foot
Technology: Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement
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John really enjoys his line of work and his passion is customer services, over years its clear, Water Works provides the best customer service. They offer sewer video camera and hydro jetting service for all types of pipe needs. John is a pipe burster as he feels it’s the best alternative method for him, his company and most importantly, his customers. Water Works speciality is pipe bursting 4 and 6 inch lines for both residential and commercial.

Asked why he enjoys trenchless pipe bursting?, John replied, “it’s a cool technology, it’s absolutely amazing the power and force you have when you burst pipes”. “Even though I have been in this industry most of my life, I still get excited about every job we burst, it’s just very cool technology”.

Some of the interesting projects Water Works has done was actually a job in Tulsa, the homeowner had some difficulties with a very narrow opening between structures. Water Works was successful in bursting the old pipe out and pulling in a brand new pipe without any damage to the side by side structures at a mere fraction of the normal costs.

If you are looking into rehabilitating your residential or commercial sewer pipes then call us today as all of our technicians are the best in the business and are fully licensed.