What Is Sewer Pipe Lining?

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Perhaps you are having some major sewer problems and are seeking out options to have the line repaired or replaced. You may have come across the term sewer pipe lining and thought to yourself, what is sewer pipe lining? Well it is a trenchless (no digging required) method of restoring a sewer pipe back to new condition, and the contractors that currently offer this type of sewer and drain repair technology is unfortunately still quite limited.

How Does Sewer Pipe Lining Work?

It is a quick and simple process that involves running a new epoxy saturated liner into the existing sewer pipe effectively sealing up all cracks, leaks, joints, and even bridging major gaps and once cured, you are left with essentially a brand new sewer pipe, that is how sewer pipe lining works. For a more details view the sewer pipe lining video below.

Sewer Pipe Lining Video:

Is Sewer Pipe Lining the Right Choice For Me?

In order for sewer pipe lining to work the existing pipe needs to at least be somewhat intact and not be collapsed in any areas. Major cracks or rusted out bottoms are fine however as the liner will bridge right across these areas easily.

What Are Good Conditions For Sewer Pipe Lining?

  • No Major Sags or Bellies In The Existing Line: If the existing sewer pipe has any major sags in it then sewer pipe lining will not work because the new liner will follow the same path as the existing sewer pipe and you will still be left with a major sag.
  • No Major Collapses In The Existing Line:If the existing sewer line has any major collapses then the contractor will not be able to get the liner through these problem spots and excavation may be the only solution.
  • What Are The Benefits of Sewer Pipe Lining?

    If the conditions are ideal then trenchless sewer pipe lining is an excellent choice to have your sewer or drain pipe restored. Here are some of the benefits:

  • No Digging Required - This is a great benefit especially of your existing sewer pipe runs under trees, landscaping, lawn, walkways, porches, or driveways. Nothing needs to be disturbed with sewer pipe lining technology.
  • The Liner Is Custom Sized and Seamless - The new liner comes off a roll and is cut to the proper size before installation, What’s great about this is the new liner is completely seamless. Most root problems start from leaky seams in sewer pipes that attract the tree roots. No seams mean no more root problems.
  • Works on Any Type of Material Pipes - It does not matter what material you’re existing sewer pipe is made of, trenchless sewer pipe lining will work on all types of existing sewer and drain lines including cast iron, orangeburg, concrete, PVC, and many others.
  • Installation is Clean and Fast. - From the time the contractor to shows up to put in the new liner to completion is usually less than 7-8 hours no matter how long or deep your sewer pipe is. In most instances the liner can be installed through and existing access point like a cleanout and absolutely no digging is required.