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Patrick opened up the doors of DFW Pipe Restoration back in 2004 and then began offering trenchless technology not long after that to the Dallas and Dallas Fort Worth areas. He was impressed by the new pipe lining technology and wanted to add it to his various plumbing services offering home and business owners a better alternative to traditional methods of pipe restoration.

He acquired his sewer and drain pipe lining equipment and training from Perma Liner Industries and is equipped to line sewer, drain, and water pipes up to 8 inches in diameter. He provides sewer lining services to residential, commercial, and municipal customers to the Dallas and Dallas Fort Worth areas and surrounding cities.

”The biggest hurdle with the trenchless repair technology is most people aren’t even aware it exists as an alternative to having to excavate the line”. Says Patrick. “Many of the customers we have provided the technology to have trees or lush landscaping and find us online because they were distraught by the notion of excavating their yards. They are always elated when I tell them it is not necessary anymore, your trees and yard can stay just the way they are, we can run a new line right underneath them”.

Patrick has expanded his trenchless services fleet to 5 trucks and 4 crews as the demand for the trenchless technology is growing exponentially as more and more people find out about it. DFW Pipe Restoration can provide you with a host of sewer, drain, and water line services, including video inspections, hydro jetting, trenchless sewer lining, as well as all general plumbing services.