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Jay McColl with A1 plumbing has been serving the Reno/Sparks Nevada area for over 8 years, and they have 6 years experience with trenchless pipe repair technologies. Taking care of his customers is his #1 priority and that is what has built his business over the last 8 years. They offer both trenchless pipe lining and bursting for both residential and commercial applications.

Some of Jay’s customers are in the retirement community where he has earned a reputation as an excellent customer service company putting the needs of his customers first. A1 plumbing can do both sewer and water line repairs without having to excavate your property. A1 plumbing specializes in 4 inch and 6 inch sewer and water lines and go as high as 10 inch on the sewer trenchless pipe lining side.

The reason Jay decided to get into the trenchless pipe rehabilitation repair was due to an actual customer that had a maturely landscaped yard, the sewer pipe was 8 feet deep and his customers did not want to dig up their property so that is when A1 plumbing got into trenchless pipe bursting. If you ask Jay what business he is in, he will tell you they are in the business of saving trees!

The biggest challenge for A1 plumbing was the cost to buy their own equipment, however it proved to be a great decision and now they are considered to be the leader in all things trenchless in the Reno/Sparks, NV area. So if you are looking to rehabilitate your pipe without digging and you are interested in a trenchless solution then give us a call today!