About Sewer Repair USA

Sewer Repair USA was launched to provide a portal of information on all the latest trenchless methods and technologies on how sewers and pipelines are repaired today without digging up your property.

The number #1 question we get asked: How much does it cost?

This site lists what actual customers are paying for trenchless pipe repairs throughout the country so you could get a better idea of what to expect when repairing your broken pipeline. The prices listed are general guidelines as each case requires its own inspection and comprehensive proposal for repair by a certified contractor.

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This site is designed to educate and empower the home or business owner in all aspects of trenchless pipe rehabilitation. By organizing the best trenchless repair contractors by region you will have access to information in making the best informed decision possible. Each contractor listed is fully licensed and certified and offer warranties for the work provided.

We hope that you will find this information helpful and will be a great resource for you now and in future for anyone else you know that experiences sewer problems.