Residential Sewer Relining Replacement Ferndale, MI.

Contractor: Nu Pipe, LLC

Job Location: Ferndale, MI

Type: 60’ Cast Iron Sewer Residential


Technology: Sewer Pipe Lining

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NuPipe got a call from a customer, where the sewer ran out the back of the house, under a crawl space. The crawl space itself is very narrow and as you can guess it is very hard to work in. The line was compacted with heavy root intrusion, so when the contractor hydro jetted the line he learned that the roots were actually holding the pipe together. When this happens it is a complete game changer and drastically changes the scope of the repair needed. In the trenchless sewer repair lining world, this is one of the worse things you can encounter, because once you clean those roots out, the sewer pipe fails. Once the sewer pipe fails, that section can not be lined and it will require to be excavated. The section that ran under the crawl space collapsed on him and had to come up with a no dig solution as this is what was promised the homeowner. When you make a promise, here at NuPipe everything is done to keep that promise.

Broken Sewer Pipe Repair Ferndale

After further investigation it was determined the best way to repair the line without digging up the floor the technician had to go down into the very narrow crawl space, get on his hands and knees and hand dig the pipe out of the ground and repair the collapsed section. This is a job that no one would normally volunteer to do, you are basically looking at several hours, hunched over, hand digging up the broken sewer line. That being said, one of the guys did in fact volunteer to take on this difficult task and helped out the homeowner. It took several hours, however, he was determined to keep the word to the customer.

Ferndale Trenchless Cast Iron Sewer Pipe

Once he was finished he had to backfill the hole with the dirt he just removed, and get the pipe ready for a liner. Once the dirt was repositioned the failed section of pipe was pulled out and replaced. After this process the cast iron sewer line was ready for the epoxy resin liner to be shot into the entire length of sewer pipe. The line was a cast iron 6 inch pipe and he was finally successful in restoring the customers line back to a better than brand new status. Even though most jobs go a lot smoother than this one, it shows how NuPipe takes their customers very seriously and they will do anything in their power to satisfy them! If you need expert advice or an honest, no cost opinion then call us today, the first priority at Nupipe are the customers.