Trenchless Pool Pipe Lining Denver, CO

Contractor: Sewer Solutions

Job Location: Denver, CO

Type: 200’ Cast Iron Sewer Commercial


Technology: Sewer Pipe Lining

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Sewer Solutions was called out to the Denver University campus to install a Cured In Place Pipe CIPP in the swimming pool. The problem was the pool was full of water so they devised a plan where they could drain half of the water and still get the job done. After he got the go ahead from school officials he began to put the plan into action. Lining swimming pools is one of the more difficult trenchless pipe jobs going today. It is a hard job that requires a lot of planning and water draining. When you repair a pool, it is a good idea to inspect and repair all the lines. If one section of the pipe system goes bad, that is a good indicator that it all could go bad. So while you are at it, inspect all the lines to make sure you do not go back and do the work twice.

College Campus Pool Pipe Lining

They were able to shoot a liner from the inside the tank to the drain lines inside the pool. The liner was 12” diameter and 200’ long, the total weight of the liner when filled with resin was approximately 800 pounds. Put that in perspective for a second, lining pipes takes a lot of energy and muscle. Once completed all the joints, 90 degree turns were completely sealed and they virtually had a new pipe installed within 1 day. However, the prep work on a job like this took a little longer than the average job. Additionally the inspection and approval process took more time than anticipated. The post video camera inspection report along with the water leak test both came back trumps. What was once a faulty, leaky and costly repair situation is now fully corrected and one that will remain leak free for years and years to come.

Pool Pipe Relining Denver, CO

What administration officials thought was going to be a major delay problem for the university turned out to be one the best decisions made. It was the best repair decision that could've been made, the school saved, time and money and as a result have a superior product left behind. As a result also received more work for other problematic pipelines at Denver University. The hope is other non pool pipes will need to be fixed and repaired, as these are a lot easier to tackle and repair. Trenchless pipe rehabilitation and lining is the way to go if you have a serious problem with your pipes. Call Sewer Solutions for your free trenchless sewer pipe consultation or inspection, offering free estimate as well. If you have recently received a bid for work then give Sewer Solutions a call today!