Pipelining Jacksonville FL

Apartment Drain Pipe Lining Jacksonville, FL

Contractor: BlueWorks

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Type: 1,300’ Cast Iron Vertical Drain Pipe Lining

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Technology: Sewer Vertical Drain Pipe Lining

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Blueworks came in at the best price and did a wonderful job we are very happy with the job they did here at Florida Christian Apartments. At Florida Christian Apartments are commitment is to the senior living community. The Blue Works team visually inspected the problem using a sewer video camera, cleaned and rehabilitated approximately 1300 LF of Plumbing Pipes. The concern was the condition of all the vertical cast iron drain pipes, the building is a six-story, senior apartment complex located in Jacksonville, FL. The specialty here are jobs that require the most amount of difficulty, to be able to address this job requires a specialized skill set. The proven experience at The Blue Works Company allows for these types of jobs to not only be diagnosed, but completed as well. The concerns and liability issues from the customer is the first issue to deal with, as is always the case. Customer satisfaction through similar job experience is what sets The Blue Works Company apart from any other company in Jacksonville, Fl.

Apartment Sewer Stack Repair Jacksonville, FL

Upon inspection it was determined that the vertical, cast iron pipes had a great deal of scale buildup and debris inside the lines. Cleaning and de-scaling the first order of business before we could even address a plan of action. After the inspection and cleaning of the vertical stack pipes a repair plan was carefully and methodically laid out. With the state and condition of the cast iron drain lines, CIPP epoxy liners and some traditional repair seemed to be the right solution. In all, there was 40 vertical cast iron stacks that were needed to be repaired. After the final consultation the job was started and the liners began to go in, one at a time. After each drain line was completed there was a final video drain line camera inspection. This was done for all 40 vertical cast iron drain lines.

Cast Iron Sewer Stack Repair Florida

With a project of this magnitude and the condition of the cast iron pipes, there were a few hiccups along the way , however, The BlueWorks Team displayed professionalism and problem solving skills that are no doubt, unmatched in this industry. It was more than impressive to see the company’s troubleshooting abilities overcome obstacles and close out the project with success. Should you need consultation of a project of this undertaking consider The Blue Works Company to develop a multi phase plan to see the work done in a timely manner. By having the work completed in phases, allows for certain benchmarks to be hit, thus ensuring the proper repair of any and all vertical drain lines.