School Sewer Repair

Elementary School Drain Lining Replacement Sycamore, Il

Contractor: Ben Franklin Plumbing Chicago

Job Location: Sycamore, Il

Type: Commercial Roof Drain Lining

Cost: $7,900.00

Technology: Pipe Lining Roof Drains

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At American Trenchless Technologies often get called to line roof drains, and one such job came up at a local elementary school in Sycamore, Il. Roof drains run vertically so they are little different than horizontal sewer pipe lines that run under ground. Roof drain preparation requires a different set up and strategy. In this particular case, the roof drains coming off the roof were all cracked and leaking quite a bit of rain water every time it rained. During heavier rains it would leak to the point of flooding in the school and administration office. It just got to the point where they had to either replace the entire roof to ground drain lines or have the contractor come in and reline the entire drain system. When the rainy season comes it usually means get those drain lines repaired.

Commercial Roof Drains Rotted Out and Flooding

The technician went out and inspected the situation it was determined the pipes in and under the concrete were completely rotted out and leaking from underground. This was not a good situation and required immediate action. So everytime it rained it created an upwelling which would lead to flooding. The upwelling of water would spread all throughout the area. According to the principle this was something that they needed to have repaired quickly and without much mess. They absolutely did not want a conventional repair as this would require relocating office staff for a period of time.

Commercial Roof Drain Lining Saves School

The contractor educated them on the trenchless roof drain lining system, where he could go up on the roof and shoot the liner system down into the below ground drains. This would seal out and effectively stop any and all leaks. So after two days of planning, video work he was able to line the entire roof to ground floor drainage system at a mere fraction of traditional repairs. As a result the floor drains could now handle any water from storms. Afterwards, the lines were inspected once again and there were no cracks, or debris in the lines that could lead to potential flooding in the future. In this case he was able to actually save taxpayer dollars on this job.These are the jobs most contractors won’t touch but Ben Franklin of Northern Illinois this is the specialty. So if your pipes run vertically down a building or horizontally underground ask about the risk free, no hassle free inspections and consultations. Most people think just because they have a serious pipe failure that diggins is the only option, ask Ben Franklin of Northern Illinois to go and take a look at your particular situation before you decide to dig.