Restaurant Sewer Repair

Commercial Sewer Pipe Lining in DeKalb, IL

Contractor: Ben Franklin Plumbing Chicago

Job Location: DeKalb, Il

Type: Cast Iron Sewer Commercial


Technology: Sewer Pipe Lining

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American Trenchless Technologies recently received a late night call to a local fast food restaurant in DeKalb and it was an emergency job that needed to be fixed right away on the spot. When the contractor arrived he listened to the customer and learned that the sewer line has failed and that they were in the middle of a back up. This apparently was an ongoing problem that finally got to the point of needed to be repaired once and for all. The technician ran the trenchless sewer video camera down the damaged line and could tell the bottom of the cast iron pipe was completely rotted out due to years and years of soda being poured down the line. It was only a matter of time before this sewer pipe drain line was going to collapse. What made the matter worse is the line ran down underneath the building and out under the drive-through. From there it ran out to the manhole located in the street. If you were in your car waiting for your order in the drive through that sewer pipeline was running right underneath you.

Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Lining

Before the diagnosis they had been receiving visits from the health department and they were on the verge of shutting the place down. Once the tech laid out a plan of action and figured out the best way to permanently rehabilitate the sewer line without having to dig up the property he gotta ‘go ahead’ from the owner of the restaurant. It was also explained that the drive though or the restaurant itself would not need to be closed or experience any downtime. The great news about the trenchless pipe lining repair is that the drive-thru remained open the entire time he was repairing the line. The contractor was successful in relining the entire pipe and successfully fixed the problem without any disruption during business hours. Afterwards the sewer video camera was re inserted back into the new sewer pipe where it was determined it was a success. With the new sewer pipe there are no seam or joints which will greatly extend the life of the new pipe.

Commercial Sewer Pipe Lining Success Story

The owners were very happy with the work and thanked American Trenchless Technologies for saving them thousands of dollars in business and extensive repairs. It was later learned that the owners had several more properties as well and contracted us to go and inspect all the sewer pipe lines. Hopefully some preventative maintenance will postpone any elaborate trenchless pipe repair work, but if it ever needs to be done it will be handled by the crew at Ben Franklin of Northern Illinois. The best part of the repairs was the restaurant passed the health department’s inspection and the problem was solved efficiently by American Trenchless Technologies