Springfield Sewer Repair

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement Springfield, VA

Contractor: Environmental Pipe Cleaning

Location:Springfield, VA

Type:65 Feet Cast Iron

Cost$10,500 - $12.000

Technology: Sewer Pipe Relining

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This Springfield, VA customer was experiencing major sewer line backups with her rental property. She first called a sewer contractor that came out to asses the line. A camera inspection revealed that the pipe had major cracking and some minor root infestation, but the major issue was there was a utility obstruction protruding through the line. The contractor told her they would need to dig up the entire 65 feet of cast iron pipe and replace it at a cost of nearly $17,000.00. A major expense and that did not include the expense of having to redo her landscaping once the new pipe was in place.

Springfield VA Pipe Lining Sewer Replacement

Of course she had a bit of sticker shock so she thanked the contractor and told him she would get back to him. After doing a bit of research online, she came across a local Springfield, VA area sewer contractor, Environmental Pipe Cleaning that offered a service called Trenchless Sewer Pipe Relining. This is a process that does not require having to excavate the sewer line, so she called to find out more. The technician told her he would come out and have a look to see if her sewer line was a good candidate for the new technology.

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Relining Springfield, VA

After the technician ran his camera down the line and saw there was a utility obstruction he told her yes we can reline the entire pipe and will only have to replace a small portion where the utility obstruction is. He then gave her a quote of $13,000.00 to do the entire job. She was obviously very pleased with price and the idea of not having to have her entire yard destroyed. She was a bit skeptical with this trenchless technology however when the technician explained its better than a new pipe because it is completely seamless (roots cannot penetrate it) and it comes with a 50 Year Warranty that put her very much at ease and she decided to move forward with the work. Learning that her husband was a military veteran,Environmental Pipe Cleaning then gave her a 5% military discount. The work was completed in just one afternoon and except for the small portion that had to be excavated to fix the utility obstruction, it was as if no one had even been there. Needless to say this customer was a very happy with the price and the results.