Richmond Sewer Repair

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement Richmond, VA

Contractor: Environmental Pipe Cleaning

Location:Richmond, VA

Type:85 Feet Cast Iron

Cost: $8500 - $10,000

Technology: Sewer Pipe Relining

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What a disaster. This poor elderly couple was dealing with severe sewage back ups into their Richmond VA home after another contractor had come and improperly repaired the sewer pipe. They had paid this other contractor a large sum to have their Richmond sewer repair done and boy did he leave them holding the bag. It was less than a few months before the severe back ups meant this elderly couple was dealing with no toilets and strong sewage smell in their home. The contractor that did the work would not return their calls.

Richmond VA Pipe Lining Sewer Replacement

The couple desperately searched the internet for an area sewer contractor that would help them out. They came across Environmental Pipe Cleaning and called them pleading for assistance with their sewer problem. EPC scheduled a tech right away to come camera inspect the pipe to see what the issue was. When the tech came across what the previous contractor had done, a section of pipe had been replaced by them however installed improperly causing the back ups. The tech explained to the customer they would have to dig up and replace that poorly installed section of pipe, then they could reline the whole pipe using new Richmond Trenchless Sewer Relining technology.

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Relining Richmond, VA

EPC felt terrible for the what this elderly couple had been through and refused to accept payment for the camera inspection. EPC then offered to dig up the poorly installed section of pipe, replace it, and use their relining technology to reline the entire Richmond sewer pipe at a highly discounted rate. They then explained to the elderly couple that their new liner comes with a 50 Year Warranty so they would never have to worry about a problem like that again.

The elderly couple agreed to have the work done so EPC started right away excavating the poor section of pipe and once that was completed, installed a brand new seamless liner the entire length of the 85 foot sewer line. They were completed with the project quickly and then decided to give the elderly couple a senior discount on top of the already low price. The customer was so happy she cried and thanked the EPC technicians. Hats off to EPC a a very reputable company with serious integrity. They cover all of VA and if you are having a sewer or drain problem of any kind, these are your guys, give them a call.