Sewer Repair Under Porch

Residential Pipe Burst Sewer Line Replacement Columbus, OH

Contractor: Invisible Excavations

Job Location: Columbus, OH

Type: 140’ Cast Iron Sewer Residential


Technology: Sewer Pipe Bursting

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The customer had another company come out and inspect the sewer line. They told the customer the line was completely collapsed and it would require to be dug up and repaired. The amount of the repair was a lot more than the customer expected or were willing to pay. The decide to call Invisible Excavations and take advantage of the free estimates and consultation so the technicians went out to inspect the line. The line ran out the back of the house under a brand new concrete stamped back porch which the homeowner just spent $25,000 to design. According to the client, he wasn’t about to dig up his brand new back porch. So he went to the internet to do some research and he found out that Invisible Excavations offers an alternative to traditional dig up repair.

Residential Pipe Bursting Cost

Once Underground Connection showed up and ran the camera’s the technician agreed that the line was gone, it was a total collapse of his residential sewer line. Just as impressive as his stamped concrete back patio was the professionally landscaped yard. The client was adamant not to disrupt or disturb his property. Per the client he had approximately $10,000 in landscaping alone. So the combined value of the yard and back patio was at $35,000 so there was no way he wanted to dig it all up and replace it again.

Sewer Line Replacement

The technician actually went into the basement and opened up a small access hole and thermally fused the pipe and proceeded to burst in a new HDPE pipe, or high density polyethylene line all the way out his backyard, under the back patio and landscaping to the city hook up sewer located in the back alley way. He was able to not disrupt any of the landscaping and were able to leave the back patio in its original state.

Residential Pipe Burst Testimonial

The customer was so pleased and very happy with the work that he gave the information out to all his friends and family. He also wrote a very nice testimonial as well. His original estimate came in just under $17,000 for repair (not including the cost to replace the damaged patio and landscaping) and Invisible Excavations were able to do the entire job, which was 140 feet of sewer line, in only one day, and do it for only $85 per foot or approximately $11,900. If you need trenchless pipe repair services and you don’t want to dig the call The Invisible Excavations and ask about the no risk, worry free consultations.