Historical Home Trenchless Sewer Line Rehabilitation in Geneva, IL.

Contractor: Ben Franklin Plumbing Chicago

Job Location: Geneva, Il

Type: 4 inch to 6 inch - transitional liner


Technology: Sewer Pipe Reline

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A historical home owner, actually this was no ordinary historical home, this was the the Crichton House located in the historical district of Geneva, IL, The home was originally built in 1893 in the Stick/Queen Anne Style located in Geneva, Illinois. Ben Franklin Plumbing of Northern Illinois were called out do to the strict regulations of rehabilitating historic homes. Most traditional type of sewer pipe repairs done by excavating the property or foundation usually is not allowed with historical homes. This home had developed a broken pipe over time and the pipe itself needed to be updated. After the inspection this house had a sewer line that ran out to the street approximately 115 feet and the vast majority was under the brick paved driveway.

Transitional Sewer Liner

The homeowner wanted to find out if his home was a candidate for this type of trenchless sewer line repair. He was thrilled to let him know that the technology was a perfect match for his need. In some cases digging is required, however, in this particular case a no dig solution worked perfectly. As per the homeowner, no one was allowed to dig up or disturb the original paver brick driveway so lining it was the best solution.

Chicago Historical Home Sewer Repair

The sewer pipe repair was unique in the fact that it started out as a 4 inch cast iron pipe but transitioned into a 6 inch diameter clay pipe out at the street. This type of repair requires measuring the line in both 4 inch and 6 inch locations, once the lengths and sizes were determined you need to special order the liner from the manufacturer. When it comes to installing a special “transitional” liner it must line up perfectly with the old ‘host’ sewer pipe. After shooting the liner into place a specialized air bladder is then inserted and inflated with air, this pushes or allows the liner to adhere to the interior lining of the sewer pipe. At this point the configuration needs to set in place and cure. This process can normally run about 4-6 hours. Once the line is cured or hardened in place the air bladder is deflated and pulled out, what is left behind is a brand new pipe with no seams. With the proven trenchless technology he was able to install the liner without disrupting the property thus preserving the integrity of the design and did it all at a fraction of traditional repair costs. Ben Franklin of Northern Illinois has a reputation of doing these types of historical home repairs so if your home is an historical one, or if you have a newly constructed home, call Ben Franklin of Northern Illinois for all your trenchless pipe repair needs.