Sewer Repair Under Custom Floor

Sewer Pipe Lining Scottsdale Arizona

Contractor: Twin Plumbing of AZ

Job Location: Scottsdale AZ

Type: 47' Cast Iron Residential

Cost: $8,600.00

Technology: Sewer Pipe Lining

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Twin Plumbing of Phoenix is one of the very few plumbing companies in Arizona to offer new sewer pipe relining technology. He recently shared a story about a residential sewer repair project he completed in Scottsdale for a customer.

A Horrible Situation For The Scottsdale Homeowner

She had a major sewer line problem and the pipe ran under her floor….her new $50,000.00 custom wood floor. It is rare that a custom floor of this magnitude is ever seen in a residential home. She was in a panic over this situation as she had already had a local Scottsdale sewer contractor come out and explain he would need to dig out the floor and jackhammer the foundation to reach and repair the damaged sewer pipe. The customer was not going to have her custom flooring removed or damaged in any way. The old cast iron sewer pipe ran from under a new bedroom addition on the backside of the house, under the new wood floor and out the street.

Her Scottsdale Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Was Severely Damaged

The technician ran a sewer video camera through the pipe and saw that is was severely rotted, cracked, damaged and leaking, he showed her the video and it nearly brought her to tears. She just could believe it and she wished she inspected the condition of her pipes before she completed her custom wood flooring. It was explained to the customer that it can fixed using the new trenchless sewer pipe lining technology. The customer was very happy and wanted to start the repairs immediately. The tech wanted to start the repair from the basement and the only way to do was to take the inversion machine down it where the pipe began, which is what is normally called an access point. The epoxy resin impregnated liner was then shot into the entire length of the old cast iron pipe. Next, an air bladder was inserted and filled with air so that pushed the liner into the interior of the old pipe. Typically, this configuration needs to cure in place for approx 4-6 hours so that the liner hardens in place. Once hardened, the air bladder is deflated and pulled out, leaving behind a brand new seamless pipe. The total length of this project was about 47 feet.

Scottsdale Pipelining Saves Expensive Flooring

The contractor was able to save the customer thousands and thousands of dollars and did not have to disturb her new floor or the foundation. The customer was so happy she immediately called her insurance adjuster and told him the news.The insurance adjuster came out to the property right away and showed him a video of the newly rehabilitated pipe, he was so elated he cut us a check right there on the spot. The entire Scottsdale sewer line repair cost was $8,600.00 dollars.