Cast Iron Pipe Burst Manufacturing Facility in Cincinnati

Contractor: Invisible Excavations

Job Location: Cincinnati, OH

Type: 295’ Cast Iron Sewer Commercial


Technology: Sewer Pipe Bursting

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Invisible Excavations recently did a job in CIncinnati at a hotdog manufacturing facility. When it comes to helping out the production of hot dogs it is something to take very seriously! The technician ran the camera down the line and notice that the 8 inch cast iron pipe was failing. When you discover a failing pipe, time is of the essence. It was flaking off on the sides and the bottom of the pipe was completely rotted out in some places. This pipe was on its last leg. The tricky part was the fact that the sewer line was 19 feet underground inside the building and ran out under the processing building at the same depth. All in all, it was approx, 295 feet of pipe bursting cast iron and to accommodate the recent growth of the hotdog output, as the facility was recently bought out by a new company, he agreed to upsize the eight inch to 10 inch pipe. By upsizing the pipe size it accommodates a higher degree of volume and it takes some of the flow stress off the interior of the pipe. In cases, where upsizing is possible it is always strongly recommended and it something to seriously consider. A lot of problems with drain or sewer pipes has to due with the diameter of the pipe being too small to handle the capacity.

Cast Iron Commercial Pipe Burst

We had to disassemble the equipment and bring it inside the facility and reassemble it to do this job. Contractor had to dig an access point inside where he opened up the floor so he could get to the failing pipe. Before he started, he had to cover all the food manufacturing equipment and set up ‘air scrubbers’ to ensure he did not contaminate any of the equipment. Once the contractor completed the burst, he thermal fused the ends of the pipes so with this job there are no seams whatsoever in the line. This new line will give them decades of worry free usage.

Customer Testimonial Pipe Burst Repair

Customers were very satisfied with the cost and performance of the job. The rate they received to repair with traditional open cut repair was more than double and the facility would have been closed for at least 3 days. As per the customer this was something they were not going to consider and they were very happy with the pipe upsizing burst job. Invisible Excavations were able to come and do the job at just slightly above $38,000 at approx 130 per foot and the best part the contractor was done in a day with virtually no disruption to their hotdog production.