Residential Pipe Burst Sewer Line Replacement Lake Erie Shores, OH

Contractor: Invisible Excavations

Job Location: Lake Erie Shores, OH

Type: 400’ Cast Iron Sewer Residential


Technology: Sewer Pipe Bursting

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This residential home was built in an affluent area of Lake Erie Shores, Oh. A big problem you need to deal with is the ‘sugar sand’ these homes tend to sit on. Sugar sand, term is used to describe the sand on beaches in this area, which resembles grains of commercial sugar in size and purity. The customer is a doctor and really put a lot of time into his residence in both beautifying it and making it structurally sound.

Residential Pipe Bursting Replacement

The sewer in this scenario went right down the middle of the driveway and was 400 feet long. This is actually one of the longer residential sewer pipe replacements. It is very rare to see a sewer line this long. However, the longest residential sewer pipe burst completed by Invisible Excavations was over 475 feet long. The customer contacted Invisible Excavations as they did not wish to tear up all 400 feet of the driveway where the connection was down at the road. Although from a traditional standpoint this job looked to be very difficult, however, from the contractor’s perspective it was actually an easy, one day, shot. In less than half of a day, He was able to pull in place a brand new line.

Pipe Bursting Residential Testimonial

The customer was shocked and surprised to see that he repaired his sewer line is such a short period of time. As matter of fact the customer called us to see when we were going to finally start his job, he told him, its been completed already. The customer was in shock and the only way he could tell we were at his property was the fact the his sewer was in perfect working order. It is the quality of work like this that allows Underground Connection to garner the best possible reputation with customers all over the great state of Ohio. At the end of the day, Invisible Excavations only charged him $80 per foot, although his final invoice may seem high at $32,000 for the repair. Invisible Excavations did end up saving the customer approximately over $25,000 over traditionally dig repair as the driveway was 400 feet long. If you are experiencing a difficult situation with a faulty sewer or drain pipe and you are confused over which direction you should go. Give Invisible Excavations a call for your no risk, worry free, free estimate or sewer pipe consultation.