Lakewood CO Sewer Repair

Sewer Pipe Relining Lakewood, CO

Contractor: Sewer Solutions

Location:Lakewood, CO

Type: 67 Feet Pipe Lining

Cost:$6,850.00 - $7,695.00

Technology: Sewer Pipe Lining

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Lakewood, Co pipe lining is a great city and service for this type of repair. Pipe lining over the years, especially in Lakewood has become more and more popular. It is no surprise why a trenchless service like pipe lining would be so popular in Lakewood. The customers in this great city know a good value when they see one, and there is no better value than not having to dig up the sewer pipes. When you don’t have to dig up the property there is a good chance you will save money.

Pipe Lining Lakewood, CO

A customer called the technician and when calls like these come in, technicians understand one thing, they are there to help in this difficult time Typically, when a customer calls and the tech can literally hear the stress in their voice, the technician understands how stressful and dreaded a situation like this can be. Nobody wants to have to deal with a faulty or broken sewer pipe. In cases where the situation is bad enough a broken sewer pipe can back up into the property. When raw sewage backs up into a property you can have some very serious, and disgusting scenarios develop. This customer had to have their sewer line roto rootered for the last two years. And, this last year the line had to be cleaned out on four separate occasions. The customer told the technician her house was very old and the cast iron pipe was installed back in the 1950’s. Upon hearing this the tech agreed to set up an inspection to go and see the condition of the pipes and why the customer was experiencing so many frequent backups. A couple days later, when the tech arrived he ran his sewer video camera down the pipe and he could immediately see he had a very serious situation. The bottom of the cast iron pipe was completely rotted out, and there was literally no bottom. He told the customer he needed to line this pipe today or else the pipe could collapse.

Lakewood, CO Sewer Pipe Lining

After the tech was able to show the customer the video, she agreed and the tech decided to make this a rush job and repair it the same day! After it was all said and done and the tech was able to line the pipe he showed the customer the repair. She was nearly in tears because she couldn’t believe he fixed it in just one day. Sometime the techs will go above and beyond just to help a customer.