New Jersey Sewer Repair

New Jersey Pipe Lining Replacement

Contractor: The Trenchless Team

Location:New Jersey

Type: 120 Feet Pipe Lining

Cost:$11,400.00 - $12,450.00

Technology: Sewer Pipe Lining

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New Jersey pipe lining replacement The Trenchless Team covers the entire state and have been doing so for over 10 years. When it comes to sewer pipe lining in New Jersey The Trenchless Team is the leading authority for all aspects of trenchless pipe lining work. Contractors from all over the state will actually call to have a technician from The Trenchless Team to do the sewer pipe lining work. The techs have invested thousands and thousands of dollars making sure they can save you money!

New Jersey Pipe Lining Replacement

A customer called a technician and right away the tech could tell that the customer was very concerned and a little stressed out. It seems the customer was told by another company that his sewer line was too long and that they needed to do it in two parts. The customer was very adamant that he did not want any digging on his property. You see, he had invested in extensive landscaping and was afraid by digging or excavating his property it may kill off or damage the plants. Upon hearing this the tech agreed to set up a meeting and do an inspection to what the problem is with the failing sewer pipe. The customer also, mentioned that the sewer line drained very slowly and he was concerned it could backup into his home any day now. When the tech arrived to do an inspection he used a trenchless sewer camera and put it into the pipe to conduct an inspection and to have an inside look into the faulty pipe. The tech could tell right away the problem was tree roots. There seemed to be roots, every 10 feet at a connection. Also, the customer was correct in the fact the sewer pipe line was very long at approx 120 feet and it was made from old terra cotta pipe. This pipe had to be lined and rehabilitate and the tech agreed with the customer that it could back up and fail any day now.

New Jersey Sewer Pipe Lining

After the tech was able to show the customer the video, the customer was very happy to not have to dig. When the tech finished lining the entire length of the sewer he was happy that the job went so well. When the tech showed the new sewer camera video inspection of his new liner, the customer was very happy and the good thing was not one single plant, flower or tree was harmed.