Commercial Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining in Stickney, Il

Contractor: Ben Franklin Plumbing Chicago

Job Location: Stickney, Il

Type: Commercial Cast Iron Sewer Repair


Technology: Sewer Pipe Lining

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American Trenchless Technologies had a local restaurant call us as they were having some difficulty with their sewer pipe line. They were experiencing back ups more regularly and wanted us to come out and help diagnose the cause of the problem. When the contractor arrived and ran the sewer video cameras down the lines it was very easy to understand why the restaurant was experiencing backups. The structure of the 50 year cast iron line was literally rotted away all along the bottom of the pipe. It seemed that years and years of draining soda pop, beer and what ever else down the line had started to deteriorate the internal structural integrity of the pipe. It actually got to the point that customers started to complain about the smell. When customers start to complain well you know its time to fix that sewer pipe, could you imagine trying to enjoy your meal or frosty beverage only to get a whiff of a sewer gas? Anyhow, so the decision was made to contact Ben Franklin of Northern Illinois to come and fix their broken situation.

Commercial Restaurant Sewer Liner Chicago

After the contractors inspection he determined the pipe could collapse at any moment and that the repair needed to be done immediately. Upon learning the diagnosis, the owners agreed and American Trenchless Technologies began the process of trenchless sewer pipe lining the interior of the old, rotted out cast iron drain pipe. After the whole project was set up and the bladder installed inside the epoxy resin liner, the repair was completed overnight and the restaurant was back up and running the very next morning. The owners put off the repair because they feared what the cost would be and the potential downtime with the restaurant. If you ever had to shut down your business then you already know how much potential operating revenue you could lose. It is never a good thing to lose money.

Restaurant Cast Iron Sewer Lining

Upon completion the contractor received high praise from the owners and manager. The best part was the smell was actually gone. It did not just slowly dissipate away it was literally smelling better by the time it was finished with the trenchless sewer pipe lining technique. Now the customer can enjoy their meals and ice cold beers without the fear of a bad sewer smell ruining the meal. When it comes to restaurants or anytype of commercial pipe line repair call us as American Trenchless Technologies is your trenchless pipe repair experts. The customers are the first priority.