Country Club Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement DeKalb, IL

Contractor: Ben Franklin Plumbing Chicago

Job Location: DeKalb, IL

Type: 30’ Cast Iron Sewer Residential


Technology: Sewer Pipe Reline

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At a local country club Ben Franklin of Northern Illinois was called to try and solve a recurring sewer back up problem. It seems this back up had been going on for several years now. No one could figure out how to repair it without the costly digging up method. The main sewer line at the facility was coming from the kitchen area and ran all the way through to the mens locker room. Over the years the problem got progressively worse. When the problem was first detection several years ago, it seemed the sewer line only needed to be cleaned out once a year. At the time the plumber who serviced broken sewer line use a rodding device and attached to the end of it was a cutter that had several blades that would rotate and cut out the roots. Well over the years with using this cutter, actually began to damage the interior of the pipe itself, so what was thought to be fixing the problem was actually making it worse. Soon after that, the sewer pipeline would start to back up a couple of times every six months instead of once a year. The plumber at the time switched from a blade cutting device to a high pressurized hydro water jet, that used water to cut out the roots. But, the damage was already done and it was only a matter of time before the invading roots would grow back and collapse the cast iron sewer pipe. This was a brief history of what can happened to a high use cast iron sewer pipeline.

Commercial Sewer Reline Dekalb, Il

Upon the contractor’s arrival he agreed to inspect all the troublesome lines and he put together a trenchless pipe repair option. The board of directors were involved in the approval process so he really wanted to impress them with the no worry technology. The board was very leery about having to tear up the floor in order to complete the repair, however they knew they had to do something.

Sewer Line Repair Chicago

Once the contractor determined the main cause or area of the problem he then cleaned the area of the pipe with the hydro jetters and isolated the source of the problem. Most of the problem was simply to due the age of the pipe, which was 40 year old cast iron. He then lined the entire length of the pipe and had the main sewer line connected and working like new the same day. The board of directors were very happy with the repair and gone are the days of constant backups of raw sewerage. Most customer feel the only way to complete a repair is to dig it up and simply to incur the costs to replace the damaged floor. Here at Ben Franklin of Northern Illinois the best way to address these concerns is a free estimate for trenchless pipe replacement and see if its right for you!