Des Plaines, IL Community College Trenchless Pipe Lining

Contractor: Ben Franklin Plumbing Chicago

Job Location: Des Plaines, IL

Type: Cast Iron Sewer Commercial


Technology: Sewer Pipe Lining

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Even the halls of higher learning are not impervious to sewer pipeline breaks! And, let Ben Franklin of Northern Illinois tell you, you are not going to find the best solution in a book this time! As with most broken sewer pipe this is a serious problem. When the contractor received a call to go out and see if he could use trenchless no dig technology he was a little excited. Sure enough, after he ran the sewer video cameras down the line and determined they had a break in the line that ran under the administrative offices. Upon investigative work it was determined the line was very old, it was the original pipe installed when the facility was constructed. The line was a cast iron line and post inspection you could see the wear and tear with the interior of the pipe. The pipe itself was showing signs of stress and the scale and build up began to cause the wall of the interior pipe to flake off. In addition, there were some cracks beginning to form. In a nutshell this sewer pipe was getting ready to completely fail, and should that happen then a trenchless pipe rehabilitation solution may not work. As a result there is a higher chance of having to dig it up and replace it. This is all to common of a problem where the customer does not want to replace or dig up the sewer pipeline, and by waiting until the very last minute they unknowingly do just that.

Cast Iron Pipe Repair Chicago

This was a big concern on their part as it was right in the middle of fall enrollment for new students. He were told by officials to find a solutions fast and that is what happened. After assessing the problem he offered a trenchless solution to repair the cast iron pipe. He learned they were about to allow the school maintenance crew to dig up the floor and replace the entire line of pipe. Ben Franklin of Northern Illinois got there in a nick of time and made the right trenchless sewer pipe diagnosis.

Commercial Sewer Line Lining

Good thing they decided to call Ben Franklin of Northern Illinois, successfully lined the entire length of the pipe at a mere fraction of the cost. The most important aspect of the repair was that the school remained open and they were able to continue enrollment without shutting down the administration offices. At the end of the day, its about the customers, by satisfying the customers needs and seeing to it removing any needless worry odds are the customer will use again or recommend us to family or friends.