Transitional Residence Lining Indianapolis

Contractor: SLB Pipe Solutions

Job Location: Indianapolis, IN

Type: 50’ Cast Iron Sewer Residential


Technology: Sewer Pipe Lining

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SLB Pipe Solutions excavated a spot out of the basement keeping the access hole only 2 x 2 and did not need to tear up the entire basement floor. The customer had, a unique type of situation called, a transitional liner from a 4 inch line that went out 10 feet and turned or upsized into a 6 inch line under the front lawn all the way to the street, which was approx another 40 feet. They were unsure how to fix this and had plans on digging up the lawn to re-size their sewer pipe. Once they called SLB Pipe Solutions and sent the contractor there and ran the sewer video cameras down the line the contractor determined could do a custom order a trenchless sewer liner that matched the size and shape of the existing line. This is a difficult type trenchless sewer pipe repair. All the measurements must line up perfectly when you are ready to install the transitional liner into the old host sewer pipe.

Residential Trenchless Reline Indianapolis

The contractor opened up the spot in the basement and shot the epoxy resin impregnated liner into the 4 inch section and blew it through to the 6 inch section where it fit like a glove! When you are able to get it right on the first attempt you know its going to be a good day! At this point you must insert an air bladder that allows the new line to adhere against the interior of the old sewer pipe. Normally you must wait approximately 4 - 6 hours to allow the liner to cure in place and harden. Once its hardened you are now ready to deflate the air bladder and pull it out of the rehabilitated sewer pipeline. What is left behind is a brand new, seamless pipe that is actually harder than brand new pipe and it comes with a longer warranty as well.

Trenchless Pipe Reline Indianapolis

The customer was very ecstatic as they were trying to sell their home and they were about to dig it all up and replace it, however, since SLB Pipe Solutions lined their sewer pipe, the sale of the house went through and the customer wrote one of the best reviews. The customers are the lifeblood here at SLB Pipe Solutions. It is jobs like these that contractors really enjoy, SLB Pipe Solutions loves to help solve sewer pipe problems. So when you are ready to discuss trenchless sewer pipe repair solutions to any pipe problems you are experiencing SLB Pipe Solutions offers free consulting and estimates, the #1 goal is customer satisfaction, saving you time and money.