Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair Indianapolis

Contractor: SLB Pipe Solutions

Job Location: Indianapolis, IN

Type: 30’ Cast Iron Sewer Residential


Technology: Sewer Pipe Relining

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An SLB Pipe Solutions customer was having a problem with the line ever since they bought their new home, in Indianapolis. As with all new home purchases there is bound for something to go wrong. Upon moving into their new home they replaced everything outside of the home with new PVC piping and when problems persisted they knew they would need to replace everything under the home so that is when they called us to ask about trenchless sewer pipe repair. The homeowners were frustrated with the ongoing problems and needed professional help.

Residential Sewer Line Under Landscaping

The main problem was with the back porch and the landscaping, there was a retaining wall that had decking attached to it with a pool, so they absolutely did not want to dig that part of their sewer line up. According to Eric, the owner of SLB, the cost would have astronomical to replace all that. The homeowners actually received a traditional dig and replace bid, and it was very, very expensive. So SLB relined everything under the landscaping and hardscape and came out to be approx 30 feet of new trenchless sewer line repair. Afterward the technician inspected the sewer pipeline to make sure there were no leaks and that it was repaired correctly. Sure enough, the line was in perfect working order. The great thing about trenchless sewer pipe lining there are no seams or joints with the new pipe so roots can not penetrate it. This is a perfect solution to ridding yourself of the tree roots nightmare some customers have to deal with on a continual basis. Once the line cures in place and the bladder is pulled, you are left with a better than new sewer pipe.

Sewer Relining Indianapolis

The customer was very happy and they were thrilled to have finally repaired all of their sewer leaks. They were very frustrated with having to repair a new home purchase, however, SLB Pipe Solutions saved them literally, thousands and thousands of dollars in landscaping and hardscape repairs. They were all too happy to live in their new home with out any sewer pipe back ups of leaks.Since then the customer has recommended us to their neighbors based on their experience with SLB trenchless sewer pipe repairs. As a result there are two more residential home jobs lined up, one is a neighbor and the other is a family member across town. It’s doing a good job for customers that keeps SLB busy and hopefully one day you will have a need to pick up the phone and call.