Sewer Repair Under Maryland Apartments

Ductile Pipeline Burst Under Apartments in Maryland

Contractor: Invisible Excavations

Job Location: Rockville, MD

Type: 395’ Ductile Pipeline Burst Commercial


Technology: Sewer Pipe Bursting

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Invisible Excavations received a call from a plumbing contractor out of Maryland to help with a very difficult pipe bursting job. He had an eight inch line where the pipe was constructed from ductile iron running under all 3 highrise apartment buildings. He call Invisible Excavations based on the reputation of being able to handle any trenchless pipe bursting situation. If you cannot handle the job or the job is too difficult then call Invisible Excavations. Upon inspection with the video camera system the Underground Connection technician determined there was a partial collapse in the sewer line and other areas of concern all throughout the entire line. The big problem was the sewer line was leaking into the retention pond, which as a result the raw sewage was then overflowing into the residential lake.

Commercial Ductile Iron Pipe Burst

The technician sat down with the owners of the complex and informed them the best way to fully repair and improve the system was to pipe burst all 395 feet of sewer line and upsize it from eight inch to 10 inch. When making such a technologically difficult recommendation it is important to take all the pros and cons scenarios and carefully lay them out for the customer to see. A better informed customer is a better customer. This way the larger diameter pipe can handle the sewage flow output more efficiently, thus eliminating any future contamination of the retention pond or residential lake. The was very complicated as steel ductile pipe is very tough to burst and required a special ‘splitter’ head also, the line was a 17 feet below ground.

Pipe Replacement Completed In Less Than 2 Days

The total time spent on this job was 1.5 days, which according to the owners was incredible to hear as the original open cut trench estimate they received was almost two weeks of downtime and just under $150,000. With Underground Connection’s and the pipe burst system we did not need to drain the residential lake and did not need to dig under the highrise apartments. At the end of the day, Underground Connection’s saved this client just over $100,000 and did the job for $45,000 which also included a mobilization fee as we traveled from Ohio to do this job in Maryland. Whether your job is small or large, contact Underground Connection to receive your no risk, worry free quote on any of the trenchless pipe repair services. The focus is on the customer and service, broken pipe repair jobs can be very stressful if you do not have the right options in front of you. Contact Underground Solutions so you can make the best informed decision possible.