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Laguna Beach Trenchless Sewer Repair

Contractor: SOS Trenchless Pipe Restoration

Location: Laguna Beach, Ca

Type: 80 Feet Cast Iron & Clay Pipe Lining

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Technology: Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining

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Laguna Beach trenchless sewer repair is a common service and a service area that SOS Trenchless Pipe Restoration has been successfully working in for years and years. Recently, a call came in from a customer who had an ongoing, difficult sewer situation in her home. She had been experiencing some back up issues in the back bathroom and every time the toilet was flushed it would flood parts of the garage. Over the years they have learned to deal with the problem and would have their local rooter plumber come out and clear the sewer pipe line. Over this last year the problem has reached a point where something needed to be done. The customer received a excavation quote and it came in way over budget. That is when the customer found SOS online and wanted a trenchless repair solution.

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair Laguna

The tech set up a sewer inspection which involved running the trenchless sewer video camera down the sewer pipe to get a better look at the internal structure of the line. It was a 4 inch cast iron sewer drain line going out the back of the Laguna Beach house all the out to the back alley where 10 feet before the alley started the sewer pipe actually turned into a clay pipe line. The total length of the pipeline was approximately 80 feet long. It was also discovered there were two connections as someone year’s back reconnected the home on the raised foundation. The main problem why digging was not an option as there were two outside remodeled bathrooms where the damaged pipe ran under making trenchless sewer pipe repair a great option for the Laguna Beach homeowner. Inside the drain lines were typical tree root infestation that is common in Laguna. The roots needed to be removed with a hydro jetter, or highly pressured water that cuts all the roots out of the drain line to get the pipe ready for lining.

Laguna Beach Pipe Repair Trenchless

Once the roots were cut out the outside drain pipes mapped out, it was time to reline the pipes with the epoxy resin liner system. Even though there were two sewer lines and one ran to the alley into a clay pipe only a small access point was dug up so the liner could be installed. The customer was very happy to save her property and her outside bathrooms. When it was all said and done the sewer was properly reconnected and the customer had one continuous piece of sewer pipe that is impervious to any future tree root penetration. In this situation Laguna Beach pipe repair with trenchless was an excellent solution.