Trenchless Repair

Trenchless Sewer Repair Encino

Contractor: TSR Trenchless

Location: Encino, CA

Type: 86 Feet Clay Pipe Burst

Cost: $5,200.00

Technology: Trenchless Sewer Repair

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The customer called in looking for a 2nd opinion for trenchless sewer repair in Encino, Ca. When calls come in and they are identified as a “2nd opinion call” these are taken very seriously. It says, “hey I am serious about repairing my broken sewer pipe line the trenchless way”. In the trenchless world here in north Los Angeles county, there are quite a few options where the prices range greatly. If you took your situation and shopped it to 5 different companies you would receive five totally different prices. Here at the TSR Trenchless, hard work has gone into offering the lowest or the best price for ANY kind of trenchless pipe repair.

Encino Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair

The customer requested a sewer pipeline inspection at the property so a better understanding of the situation could be determined to see if Encino trenchless sewer repair is an option and a price or an estimate is provided. Once the sewer video camera was inserted into the pipe it became clear that a repair was desperately needed. The line was a clay pipeline and the diameter of the pipe was 4 inches, however, the line itself was 86 feet to the city sewer. As is the case with most older, clay sewer or drain pipes, roots can easily find their way inside where they begin to compromise the integrity of the sewer line, which, in this case results in sewer backups. The customer ultimately wanted to know if they were a good candidate for trenchless pipe bursting. After the inspection was completed it was clear, yes, they were an ideal candidate for this type of repair.

Pipe Repair With Trenchless Encino CA

There was a unique feature on the property, the Encino lawn had several statues and water features that could not be removed or disrupted, and because pipe repair with trenchless requires no digging, it would be great option. The owner claims he travels the world looking for the best marble statues. As expected the 86 feet of broken, root invested, clay sewer pipe ran directly under these front lawn features. A rate of $5,200 was offered to do the job in full, and the owner promptly said that was half of the other guy’s quote. This is because most companies do not own their own equipment. Here at TSR Trenchless the investment was made into owning all the best trenchless equipment so the savings is passed to the customers. The Encino customer requested to start and schedule the trenchless pipe burst repair as soon as possible. What the customer did not expect is that the trucks all come prepared to do the work. To the customers surprise and amazement the work was complete that same day.