Elizabeth Driveway

Sewer Repair New Jersey

Contractor: The Trenchless Team

Location: Elizabeth, New Jersey

Type: 94 Feet Cast Iron Pipe Lining

Cost: $13,500.00

Technology: Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining

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A customer called for sewer repair in Elizabeth, New Jersey and he was complaining about getting a price for not only repair for the damaged sewer line but how much the charge would be to repair the driveway and pour concrete. It was explained to the customer that we do not repair driveways and asked why did he need to it? He replied that he was getting another opinion because the last company he spoke with doesn’t repair driveways after they dig up the sewer. The technician was kind of confused and told the Elizabeth customer that trenchless sewer repair is the primary focus and if you don’t need to dig up your sewer line than you probably do not need to tear up your driveway. It dawned on the tech that this customer has never heard of trenchless sewer lining repair before. Even though that is the main service offered to the public offered there are still customers calling who have never heard of this repair technique.

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair New Jersey

Once the customer finally realized this he had a lot of questions, so it was agreed the tech would go out and do a sewer inspection at no charge to assess the situation with his pipe. He told the tech his sewer is leaking all over the place and it needed to be inspected as soon as possible. So off the tech went to Elizabeth, NJ to inspect a sewer line. Once he arrived a sewer video camera was inserted down into the pipe where the internal structure could be inspected. Sure enough it was in really bad shape, the bottom of the pipe began to rot out and it was literally was leaking raw sewage into the environment. The Elizabeth customer was certain the sewer would need to be dug up, however, the technician explained that he was a good candidate for the trenchless sewer pipe repair. The customer asked us about our warranty and it was explained that the sewer pipe liners are guaranteed for life. He told the tech that even though he has never heard of or seen this type of repair that he would go with it because of the lifetime warranty.

New Jersey Pipe Repair Trenchless

The New Jersey trenchless pipe repair was set up for later that same week. Upon that same inspection the line was determined to be made from cast iron and approx 95 feet long so it was a good size residential repair. Once the system was set up and ready to got the actual liner went in about one day’s time and afterwards the tech showed the customer the post inspection video and he was blown away, a brand new pipe inside a pipe and his driveway did not need to be excavated.