Knoxville Sewer Repair

Trenchless Sewer Repair Knoxville, TN.

Contractor: Magic Pipe

Location: Knoxville, TN

Type: 70 Feet Pipe Lining

Cost:$6,950 - $7,750.00

Technology: Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining

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When a call came in for trenchless sewer repair in Knoxville it is the kind of call the techs at Magic Pipe enjoy. If you look at how many pipe liners have been performed its easy to see Magic Pipe is the leader in this industry for all aspects of residential trenchless repair and warranty. This customer had been experiencing backups for a period of time and over the most recent cold spell his sewer problems deteriorated further. One bathroom in particular was having ongoing problems and the customer asked if the technician could set up a time to come and take a look. Most of the jobs performed in Knoxville have cast iron that is usually starting to fall apart or breakdown. The great thing about trenchless sewer pipe lining is that it is a permanent solution.

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining in Knoxville

When the tech arrived at the customer’s house he could tell right away that the customer had actually started to try and fix the cast iron sewer pipe or try and find the source of the leak as he had dug a hole in the middle of his yard. However he said he was not successful in finding the leak but suspected it was between the hole in the ground and the house. Once the tech set up, he ran the sewer video camera down the cast iron pipeline to see if he could find the problem. The problem was roots and cracks all along the interior of the pipe, so the pipe itself didn’t just have one area of concern, the entire 70 feet of pipe was literally breaking down. Once he showed this to the customer he agreed to have his Knoxville pipe relined as soon as possible. The front yard featured a porch/deck and there were some medium sized trees too. After the initial consultation a time was set up to fully repair the sewer line and get it back to a brand new working condition.

Knoxville, TN Sewer Line Replacement with Pipe Lining

When pipelining day arrived everyone was excited to get to work and to rehabilitate another residential sewer in Knoxville. The customer had supplied Magic Pipe with a great breakfast, he joked that he wanted them well fed to handle the job. The total time to repair the sewer pipe was less than one day and after the liner was installed another sewer video inspection was performed showing the customer his brand new sewer lined pipe.