Boulder CO Sewer Repair

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Bursting Boulder, CO.

Contractor: Sewer Solutions

Location: Centennial, CO

Type: 75 Feet Pipe Lining

Cost:$7,750 - $8,750.00

Technology: Trenchless Sewer Pipe Burst

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When it comes to customers in Boulder, Co wanting to do trenchless sewer pipe bursting, an trenchless method that replaces the entire sewer pipe without digging, Sewer Solutions offers the best service and warranty available. The commitment to detail and service is for the customers and the technicians here at Sewer Solutions strive to put them first. That being said, a customer called in and they were very upset at the state of their residential sewer. They had been working with another company on repairing their sewer line, however, in the end the company was not able to deliver and ended up making a bigger mess and walked off the job. The customer said they had gone three days without a working sewer and asked for a second opinion.

Trenchless Pipe Bursting in Boulder, CO

When the technician visited the Boulder customer right away he could see there were some problems going on. There was a large excavated hole in the ground the dirt was piled up in a sloppy manner. The tech explained, that he does not pile up dirt should a small hole need to excavated, instead the neatly pile the dirt on to a piece of plywood so it doesn’t hurt or damage the yard. When the hole was inspected you could see they excavated the wrong area of repair and they did not stay around to try and fix it. The tech decided to analyze the situation and ran a sewer video camera to try to determine the best course of action. It was determined the entire line could be burst out while pulling in a brand new pipe in its place. The customer was getting more and more antsy as his sewer was in its fourth day of not working. The tech assured him that it could be up a running by days end so the customer agreed to have the work done. The good thing about Sewer Solutions in most cases work can begin work the same day as inventory levels are kept well stocked. The customer lines was approx 75 feet and the line consisted of failing cast iron.

Boulder, CO Sewer Line Replacement with Pipe Bursting

Once the holes were excavated the tech was able to set up the repair and begin to burst out the old pipe while pulling in brand new flexible pipe, called HDPE or high density polyethylene. The ends of the pipe are fused together with heat and this fusing process allows for no seams whatsoever which prevents any breakdowns or roots to penetrate. At the end of the day the customer had a brand new sewer and his yard was put back together and the customer couldn’t even tell there were holes in the yard. Seeing how happy and satisfied the customer was is a big reason why Sewer Solutions offers trenchless solutions to the good people of Boulder, Co.