Zoo West Orange Pipelining

Commercial Zoo Trenchless Pipe Lining West Orange, NJ

Location: West Orange, NJ

Type: 110’ Cast Iron Drain Pipe Lining


Technology: Drain Pipe Lining

The Trenchless Team received a call from Turtle Mountain Zoo in New Jersey, they had a serious problem with their penguin exhibit. The penguin exhibit is one of the top draws at the zoo. The pool in the penguin display could not hold water and had a serious leak. The zoo officials were having a difficult time trying to find the pipe and needed to have the pool repaired as quickly as possible. The longer the leak was unrepaired the greater the chance for some of the penguins to become ill. This was a difficult job as the water temperature had to be regulated as the repairs were completed.

Commercial Cast Iron Pipe Trenchless lining New Jersey

The Trenchless Team inspected the line and it was determined the line was in fact cast iron and was in very bad shape, the technician estimated the line to be approximately 100 years old. A consultation was set up to show the zoo officials the results and the compromised cast iron needed a service called, trenchless pipe lining. The pipe ran from the pump room all the way to the penguin exhibit and the technician was successful in performing a trenchless cast iron pipe relining. Afterward the sewer video camera was run back inside the drain pipe and was inspected again to make sure the trenchless pipe lining repair was done correctly.

Commercial Pipe Line Replacement

The zoo officials were very happy as they thought they would need to closed down the penguin exhibit and relocate the animals. The cost just for relocating the animals was very, very expensive. Once they understood the scope and the benefits of trenchless pipe lining repair they were extremely happy with the time and cost savings of the job. We have another job lined up for the zoo, this job will be another trenchless pipe lining job as they have a pipe underneath the parking lot that is starting to fail. According to the zoo officials they will be calling The Trenchless Team for all of their future pipe rehabilitation repairs! The Trenchless Team are industry leaders in all types of trenchless pipe repair or complete pipeline rehabilitation. No matter if your job is small or a large commercial zoo located in New Jersey, The Trenchless Team is your first choice for all your trenchless pipe relining needs. When you ask about the free consultation and estimates, also inquire as to best industry wide, worry free warranties offered to all of the The Trenchless Team’s customers. The Trenchless Team has been in business for several years where the customer comes first.