Pipelining Burbank

Trenchless Pipe Repair Burbank

Contractor: TSR Trenchless

Location: Burbank, CA

Type: 140’ Pipe Burst & 86’ Pipe Lining

$17,000 - $18,500 Contact Contractor for Estimates

Technology: Sewer Pipe Lining, Sewer Pipe Burst

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Pipe Bursting Repair Burbank

TSR Trenchless of Los Angeles was called to a very complicated job that few trenchless sewer pipe repair contractors have the experience or even know how to accomplish. This job was for a high end condominium located in Burbank, CA. Per the president of the homeowner’s association they needed to figure out the source of the sewer backup problems. This community has 20 homes with half of them requiring some sort of camera video inspection and repair. The lines in question were under mature landscaping and the homeowners board did not wish to dig up the property for the investigation nor the solution. They called, as some of the members were asking about trenchless pipe repair and were hopeful their property was a candidate for this type of repair.

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining Burbank

The assigned technician knew the property had two separate sewer pipeline problems to diagnose, one was a 6 inch VCP (vitrified clay pipe) and this part of the line had all 10 condo’s on the line. Which means, after the sewer pipe repair is completed, it will need to be reconnected at all 10 connections to get each of the condo units running again. After the post video camera inspection it was recommended the best method to rehabilitate the line is to offer a trenchless method, called trenchless sewer pipe burst. This requires inserting a pipe bursting head into the old line and pull in place a brand new pipe in its place. As the new pipe is pulled through it literally bursts out the old pipe simultaneously. All told the burst was approximately 140 feet long. Once completed the new line has a longer warranty than brand new pipe, also each seam or connection is ‘heat fused’ together so there is no issue with roots penetrating the pipeline in the future.

Pipe Bursting Repair Burbank

Now it was time to look at and diagnose the secondary lateral line that runs from the property out to the city sewer. This also was a 6 inch line, and also consisted of VCP or clay pipe. Upon inspection with the sewer video camera, this line was infested with roots, and lots of them. First the sewer pipeline had to be cleaned with a hydro jetter machine which uses high pressure water to cut all the roots out and cleaned the interior of the Burbank sewer pipe. It was determined the best way to rehabilitate this line was to do a trenchless sewer pipe liner composing of an epoxy resin impregnated liner. Once this is shot down the interior of the original sewer pipe it is blown into place and then a bladder is inserted and inflated so as to adhere the liner into its proper place. After this is completed it is left to cure in place, once it hardens, the air bladder is deflated and left behind is a brand new pipe inside the old pipe. As with the pipe bursting method this trenchless pipe liner is also seamless and will not allow for roots to grow back in to the line. After the job was finished the customer received two brand new sewer pipes without the need for costly excavation. This was an extensive repair, but it managed to save the customer over $25,000 over conventional repair.

Trenchless Pipe Lining Repair Burbank

If you need a trenchless sewer pipe repair in Burbank or anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area, call TSR Trenchless and take advantage of the free consultations and estimates. The work is fully guaranteed and the needs of the customers come first. Don’t dig if you do not need to.