Sewer Drain Cleaning Gresham

Drain Cleaning Gresham, OR.

Contractor: Iron Horse Trenchless, LLC

Location: Gresham, OR

Type: 32 Feet Pipe Bursting

Cost:$3,280.00 - $3,850.00

Technology: Drain Cleaning & Pipe Bursting

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Drain cleaning Gresham, OR is one of the most popular or most requested services at Clog Busters. As the name suggests the technicians love to bust clogs and all types of draining cleaning in Gresham, OR. When technicians take a drain cleaning call they know immediately one of two things, first is that the customer is experiencing a drain clog and secondly, it must be determined why. Usually the techs will need to run a camera into the drain line to see what exactly is going on. In a lot of cases clearing a clogged drain can help prevent thousands and thousands of dollars worth of damage with your home or business sewer pipe line. Drain cleaning can be said to be one of the most important cost saving services anyone can offer.

Drain Cleaning Gresham, OR

Case in point, a customer had called looking for a simple drain cleaning due to constant back ups. The customer said this was a routine type of cleaning, and one the tech actually agrees with. So a same day appointment was set and the tech went and visited this customer who lives in Gresham, Or. Upon arrival, he walked into the bathroom and could tell from the smell and odor that there may be a bigger problem. So the tech went to work to better diagnose the drain cleaning problem. Once the line was cleared, he could hear a ‘gurgling’ sound coming from the pipe itself. A drain pipe camera video inspection was done to try and figure out the cause of the problem. After all drain pipes don’t just backup on their own. The tech showed the customer the video and you could clearly see about 10 feet out a large tree root ball was infiltrating the cast iron line. And, the line itself was in very rough shape as it appeared to be collapsing. The good news is the technician caught this potential HUGE problem early enough to do a pipe burst repair on the bad part of the pipe, potentially saving the customer a ton of money in the process. The customer was very happy to hear this and they requested that the tech fix this problem asap so as not to cause anymore damage.

Gresham, OR Drain Cleaning Repair

After the tech performed a 30 foot pipe burst, he hooked the drain pipe system back together. Afterwards he ran the drain pipe camera back down the line and showed the customer that the roots were gone and that the pipe was a brand new line that future roots could not penetrate. No more backups, no more drain cleaning, and no more sewer smell. The customer was very happy and would recommend the drain cleaning service in Gresham, OR.