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Eric Speen began a new generation company that specializes in trenchless technology only. He offer all things trenchless including sewer video inspections, hydrojet drain cleaning, spot repairs, and epoxy pipe lining to residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

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School Sewer Repair Franklin IL
Location: Franklin, IL
Type: 200’ Cast Iron Sewer Residential
Technology: Sewer Pipe Lining
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Sewer Liner Indianapolis
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Type: 50’ Cast Iron Sewer Residential
Technology: Sewer Pipe Lining
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Home Sewer Repair Indianapolis
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Type: 30’ Cast Iron Sewer Residential
Technology: Sewer Pipe Relining
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Eric has vast experience and expertise in trenchless technology and has successfully completed some very challenging jobs. Hi company SLB Pipe Solutions was recently featured in Cleaner Magazine for a trenchless project at the Franklin High School in Franklin, IL. You can read the article here (link).

”We have become the go to company in our region for projects that require trenchless applications. There are still very few companies that have the equipment and experience in trenchless technology and the demand for it is growing exponentially. We are glad we decided to invest in the technology when we did back in 2010”

Eric goes on to mention that there is still a major disconnect between consumers and the new technology. “People are still very much unaware of it and as a result are always skeptical when I tell them no, we don’t have to dig up your yard to put in a sewer line. I don’t think there is enough being done in our industry to get the word out that this fantastic technology exists and bringing in excavators and tearing up properties to rehabilitate underground sewer lines is no longer necessary.”

SLB Pipe Solutions offers trenchless technology for smaller residential customers as well.”There is really no project too small for us. We have lined sewer pipes as small as 15 feet for residential customers and are always pleased to see how grateful they are that their yards do not have to be disturbed.”

If you are having a sewer or drain issue don’t hesitate to give Eric a call. He loves to teach people about the new technology and has hundreds of satisfied clients that will vouch for his ability and professionalism. “Sewer and drain issues can be stressful for homeowners, it's an awful and sudden expense most of the time they weren’t prepared for. We are here to help you get your sewer back in shape without breaking the bank.”