Sewer Repair Santa Clara

Santa Clara, CA Pipe Bursting

Contractor: Freedom Underground

Location: Santa Clara, CA

Type: 70’ Pipe Bursting

Cost: $5,195.00

Technology: Trenchless Pipe Bursting

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Trenchless pipe bursting in Santa Clara, Ca is quite the popular choice for people looking to fix and rehabilitate their sewer pipe lines. Today, pipe bursting calls in Santa Clara are the norm and the customers who call in are all about it. If you are experiencing a problematic sewer pipe and need trenchless sewer bursting repair in the Santa Clara area, then call Freedom Underground today and let one of the techs stop by and do a sewer line camera inspection to get to the “root” of the problem.

Pipe Bursting Santa Clara, CA

Although the techs do offer trenchless sewer pipe lining in Santa Clara and surrounding areas, most of the work completed is for pipe bursting. With pipe bursting you can save a lot of money. So if you are ok with two small holes, and by the time the techs leave you cannot even tell they were there, then you should look into this process. It can also save money over trenchless sewer lining and be equally as effective both in the short and long term. The techs pull in HDPE or high density polyethylene pipe and it literally replaces the old pipe. Typically, both ends of the pipe are heat fused together to make sure there are no leaks. This last job completed was for a sewer pipe line that was approx 70 feet long. As per the customer they did receive both a pipe bursting and pipe lining quote. The Santa Clara sewer pipe lining quote came in at approx $7,995 and the tech was able to offer pipe bursting for only $5,200. So as you can see, although you might need to authorize two small pits to be dug, you can save a tremendous amount of money. Additionally, both methods are highly efficient and can normally be completed in about a day. It’s easy to see why trenchless sewer pipe repair in Santa Clara is a clear favorite.

Sewer Liner Repair in Santa Clara, CA

The techs here at Freedom Underground take pride in putting back your yard in exactly or better than condition when they pipe burst. The techs care about you and your property. If you need a FREE quote then give on the techs a call.