Roanoke Sewer Pipe Replacement

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Replacement Roanoke, VA

Contractor: Environmental Pipe Cleaning

Location:Roanoke, VA

Type:75 Feet of 4 Inch Cast Iron Sewer Pipe

Cost: $8500.00 - $9500.00

Technology: Sewer Pipe Relining

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This Roanoke VA customer called EPC, a Roanoke area trenchless pipe replacement contractor on behalf of her mother who was having back up issues with her residential sewer pipe. Recurring root intrusion issues from a large tree in the front yard was causing the her sewer pipe to back up every 4-6 months and she was looking for a more permanent solution. She had heard about this new “no dig” technology called trenchless pipe replacement and was interested in learning more. EPC arranged for a technician to come out right away and perform a sewer camera inspection to see how extensive the root problem was at this Roanoke VA residence.

Roanoke VA Pipe Lining Sewer Replacement

The camera inspection revealed a there was major root infestation in this Roanoke sewer line. Roots were penetrating the worn out joints in the pipe as well as other areas where there was some major cracks and separations. EPC determined that although the sewer line was in terrible shape it was still a good candidate for the trenchless pipe lining technology because it was not collapsed anywhere. EPC then explained the process thoroughly to the customer and provided them with a quote of what the cost would be to replace / reline the entire 75 feet which came in well under $9500.00.

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Relining Roanoke, VA

Considering the alternative was to remove the large beautiful tree, dig a 75 foot trench through the front yard, pull out the old pipe, lay in a new one then backfill and reseed the front yard - a project that would have easily run in the $12-$14,0000.00 range and taken 3 or 4 days to complete, the customer decided to approve the quote for her mom’s Roanoke VA home and have the sewer pipe relined. EPC scheduled a day to come back out that was convenient for the customer and perform the work.

EPC - Trenchless Pipe Relining Contractors in Roanoke, VA

On the day the trenchless pipe lining installation was schedule. The Roanoke Sewer Contractor EPC showed up around 9AM with a crew of 3. They first dug one small 3 foot x 3 foot access point blew the entire pipe clean with a hydro jetter and root cutters scouring the interior of the old pipe to prep it for the liner. They then cut the new flexible seamless liner to the proper length, saturated it with epoxy resin and loaded into a special inversion machine. This machine uses air pressure to blow the liner into place. Once the wet liner was in place they fed a rubber bladder through and inflated it with air to form the liner to the existing pipe. The pipe cured in just a few hours and the bladder was removed and the sewer pipe was put immediately back into service. 1 Day, No Digging, No Tree Removed, No Lawn disturbed! An excellent technology. The customer was extremely pleased with the job EPC had done...and oh yes, the new liner comes with a 50 Year Warranty against failure. Well done EPC, well done indeed!