Deck and Driveway

Cast Iron Pipe Burst Portland, OR

Contractor: Iron Horse Trenchless, LLC

Location: Portland, OR

Type: 68’ Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Burst

Cost: 3,500 - $5,000 (Private Bid) Contact Contractor For Estimates

Technology: Sewer Pipe Burst

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A Portland customer called because they were tired of dealing with their faulty and failing sewer line. It appears this has been an ongoing problem that finally reached the breaking point of the customer’s patience and the integrity of the cast iron sewer line. Perhaps they both broke at the same time. To compound problems there is a brand new driveway and deck that the old sewer pipeline runs under. This is all too common people who put off much needed repairs because they think they will need to remove something or tear something up. This is not the case with this contractor that offers new pipe bursting technology. It is strongly recommended or encouraged to get a full estimate of the type of repair needed. From this point you can get a better idea on how best to handle the situation. In most cases you may not need to disturb your property or landscaping. If you don’t need to disturb your property or landscaping then that will definitely save you some serious money that you can put back into your pocket.

Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Burst Portland, OR

The contractor set up a consultation and informed the customer that the driveway and front porch could be saved, there was no reason to dig up the property. The customer was very happy to hear this news and actually hugged the technician. After the video sewer camera inspection the customer could see the results, a partial collapse. It was explained that time was of the essence and the sewer line could go at any moment. Low and behold, the sewer pipe burst job was approved the same day.

Sewer Pipe Burst Repair

After setup and careful planning the process was started and the pipe bursting work began. The job was completed with the customer standing along side of the Black Rock trenchless team. He could not believe how fast and cost effective it was, as a matter of fact his neighbor agreed to have the pipe burst repair done as well. This is the best indication of how satisfied customers are when they invite their friends and neighbors over to watch the process. Not only is it a great learning experience but the new potential customers get to see the commitment put into the work and customer satisfaction. It has been said, that at the end of the day a satisfied customer will go a long way in growing your business. That is the reason for this contractor, customer satisfaction is priority #1